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About Company

In the fast-paced digital world, Lavaloon came with a vision: eliminating businesses' technical pains during their digital transformation. Over the years, we have evolved, adapting to the dynamic landscape of the software industry. Today, Lavaloon stands strong as a company, leveraging over 20 years of experience to provide software solutions across diverse business lines.

Our passion lies in seamless system integration, delivering ready-made solutions that can be implemented in a few days. We aim to eliminate the need for expensive, high-end system integration, thereby saving our clients time, resources, and money. Our vision is to enrich the software industry by integrating with the world's leading systems, serving businesses worldwide efficiently.

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Why LavaLoon

LavaLoon is the right partner for Integration to speed up time to market, boost scalability, shorten development cycles through our repeatable, scalable, future-proof integration approach.


LavaDo Middleware

LavaDo middleware ensures smooth interactions and data flow between various applications and systems.

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LavaDo Mobile App

The LavaDo Mobile App is a seamless integration that integrates with modules and systems to enable business decisions. HR, Payroll, support tickting, POS, Logistics, CRM and accounting

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Custom ERP

Our cutting-edge ERP solution provides a jump in operational efficiency for your firm by providing end-to-end automation capability.

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LavaDo for Ecommerce

Elevating ecommerce efficiency, optimizing operations for seamless online shopping experiences.

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LavaDo for Pharmacy Chain

Tailored solutions for pharmacies, enhancing management and customer service in the pharmaceutical realm.

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LavaDo POS

Streamlined point-of-sale experiences, empowering businesses with efficient and intuitive transaction management.

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Integration Services

LavaLoon offers system integration solutions to boost productivity, efficiency, and growth your business. The solutions provide efficiency boosts, real-time insights, cost savings, scalable solutions, enhanced collaboration, improved customer experience, and fuel innovation. customer.

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Custom software development

LavaLoon develops custom solutions that maximize efficiency, minimize bottlenecks, and empower your team to achieve more. So, enjoy streamlined workflows and optimized processes tailored to your specific needs.

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Manage employee compensation, benefits, and tax calculations efficiently. Maintain legal compliance while processing payroll accurately and on time.


Streamline HR tasks with employee management, attendance tracking, recruitment, and performance evaluation. Streamline HR processes for a more productive workforce.


Enhance your retail experience with POS capabilities that manage sales, inventory, and customer interactions. Ensure seamless transactions and personalized service


Improve inventory control, procurement, and warehouse management. Monitor stock levels, streamline replenishment, and minimize stockouts


Improve customer interaction and loyalty through effective lead management, sales tracking, and customer service. Develop strong relationships to ensure sustainable growth.


Maintain accurate financial records, track expenses, and manage accounts payable and receivable. Make informed decisions based on your financial health.

Project Management

Managing projects from inception to completion effectively. Collaborate with teams, allocate resources, and track progress to deliver successful projects.



Exploit your data to deliver unique and integrated customer journeys.

Logistics & distribution

Integrate multiple systems, get remote access and real-time insights with LavaLoon cloud-based solutions


Improve operational efficiency with Cloud , SaaS and connecting system across all parties.

Health care

Accelerate your digital transformation for a patient-centric aspect that enhances medical results.

LavaLoon’s Intellectual Properties

A unique system integration product that allows the LavaLoon team to easily restructure, regenerate and implement any integration solutions built on and utilizing the best technologies offered by the top providers. LavaHub is effective in mixing between the business and technical sides of an organization. It is built on Azure Functions, Logic apps, and other Azure services.
Simple & smart modules are designed to be the first choice to the user to perform all his daily business functions, without the hassle of switching between different systems; LavaDo does that on his behalf. And it includes some helpful AI functions like facial recognition.
A set of enhancements on ERPNext’s existing modules, plus new modules to serve the integrated business models being provided like Automotive, manpower, logistics, etc.

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