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Integration Solutions

Our Story

Our journey started more than two decades ago with a group of technology enthusiasts who had a dream of solving the technical pains that businesses & organizations face, helping them achieve a smooth digital transformation.

In 2004, our founders delivered their first full-fledged project with smashing success and went on to work on their dream.

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We know and understand the pain and hassle of system integration.

We know that your organization went through long cycles of trying to implement integrated solutions to all your various IT systems and that for the most of it the application on integration for those solutions was not as effective as you hoped.
We also know that if you haven’t started this journey yet, we can help make it a much smoother, more effective, and greater economic experience for you and your organization.

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To match how mobile our world is today we offer organizations with LavaDo.

With its unique native design, single sign on, and 360 view for top management, LavaDo is a mobile representation of the various systems within an organization.
Done through a user friendly Mobile App that saves time for employees, cost for operations, and effort for management.

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Microsoft Services

Microsoft has always been a leader in the technology and digital fields and today Microsoft remains a leader driving digital transformation through innovative solutions and success stories.

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We have a team of experts in ERP implementations. Our team focuses on ERP implementations from a business perspective and are keen on doing so utilizing agile ERP systems and that’s why we chose ERP Next.