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Digital Transformation is not a luxury to any business anymore; it’s a necessity for survival. Understanding how crucial it is, at LavaLoon we are dedicated to solving one of its core complications, Integration!

Due to organizations being able to source different systems from different technology providers to ensure top quality and customization, this usually results into turning the various functions within an organization to silos unable to interact with each other – and here comes the role of system integration and integration solutions.

Being experts in the market we understand that Integration itself can be a great hassle and most times its implementation expends a lot of time, money, and human resources. That’s why we are dedicated to taking the most complicated of cases and turning it into smoothly working projects delivering desired business results. We achieve that by building ready-made integration solutions that we can offer to be implemented within just weeks!

LavaLoon is built on unique Intellectual Property and an outstanding product portfolio that is part of an innovation roadmap carefully crafted with the aim of building reusable integration solutions and models.
Our early clients are always our most special as they get to have a say in what we create and can have an impact on how a solution is designed. These solution models can then be reused to deliver full-fledged system integration solutions ready to be implemented in weeks!

Connect with us today to learn more on how we can innovate together reusable integration solutions that guarantee a transformation in your organizations’ performance.

We utilize technology and artificial intelligence ( AI ) in applying specific business models and therefore standardizing integration solutions. Through our unique model we help slash the time it takes to turn ideas into value. We enable our clients by delivering solutions that can easily be structured and restructured to meet changing demands, guaranteeing best quality through building on the latest technologies provided by the top Technology Providers such as Microsoft, Oracle, ERP Next, etc.

Working on Microsoft Cloud, Azure, we are able to scale our projects instantaneously, enabling us to turn Digital Transformation a smoother, more efficient & productive journey. Our solutions enable management with the flexibility, insights, and speed that they need to make critical business decisions and frees up technical staff from the needless manual work to focus on more strategic assignments, completely enhancing the competitive landscape of our clients. Building on Microsoft Technology also allows us to provide our clients with the highest levels of Security to their information.

Integration Products


Our team, starting with our founders, have a 360 type of experience; having experienced being on both the sides of the Technology Provider and the Client, we understand very well where the gaps are. Being experts in the field, we also know how to fill those gaps!

We devised a uniquely engineered system integration model that allows us to easily restructure and regenerate any integration solution we develop.
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What does this mean to you?

It means that we are able to completely eliminate the pain your organization is experiencing or will experience with effectively integrating all the technology systems you are using. We are able to eliminate this pain with ready to implement integration solutions built on and utilizing the best technologies offered by the top providers such Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, ERP Next, etc.

Through our model we are able to help you save money, time, and resources and guarantee an effective implementation – a promise we know many fail to deliver on!

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How do we do it?

Through building a business model that is effective in mixing between the business and technical sides of an organization. Integrating from a Business Perspective in addition to the Technology Perspective.

By verticalizing and being industry-focused with industries such as the Retail, Construction, Software Houses, Distribution, Production, and Real Estate being our main benefiters.

We’re selective. We know what would work and what wouldn’t, therefore we provide consultation to our clients and partners before building any integration model.

By utilizing the best technologies available through the top providers and building on them, leveraging all the benefits they have to offer such as scalability on the cloud, security, etc.

What do you need to start?

We can offer you timely implementation of any integration solution model that we previously developed.
Or we can partner with you and build a specifically customized model for your needs. Contact us today to receive your initial consultation!

Lava Do

In today’s digital world the ability to get work done on the go is a necessity. The need for mobility is at a peak and will only continue to rise, at LavaLoon we offer a solution for it.
LavaDo does not only enable your employees to get the majority of their non-functional tasks done through their mobile phones, but it also provides them with a single sign-on portal for all the different systems they need to use on a frequent basis. This saves the time and effort of your employees allowing them to be more productive and saving your organization unnecessary expenses.
With its native and user-friendly design, LavaDo provides employees access to the various HR Self Service, Finance, Purchasing, and Project Management systems all through a single sign-in, easy to use Mobile App.

Through its effective ability to integrate with the different systems in your organization, LavaDo empowers top management by giving them a 360 view on their organization’s performance. Utilizing dashboards with BI, you can now see how your organization is performing in real-time, anywhere, from your mobile!
Cross-system and running on a SaaS model, LavaDo seamlessly synchronizes data across multiple solutions such as ERPNext, Redmine,and others, allowing your organization to have a single mobile app that serves the different types of users you have through integrating with various systems hassle-free.

What are some examples of functions that LavaDo can help with?

Contact us today to learn how LavaDo can help your organization perform better

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HR Self Service Activities
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Employee Attendance
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Smart Data Searching
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Purchase Orders
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Finance Requests and Expenses