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Our Services

Microsoft Services

At LavaLoon we are dedicated to help you drive the digital transformation your organization wants and needs with leading Microsoft technology. We have a team of experts dedicated to providing you consultation on what your organization needs, successful implementations, and effective support.

At Lavaloon we are dedicated to providing our customers all the services and products they need to ensure their operations are smooth and effective. Being a Microsoft Silver Partner has enabled us to help providing our customers with the tools they need for their digital transformation.

We understand that it’s not just about obtaining the license for your organization, it’s more about the much-needed implementation and support services afterwards. That is why we have a team of experts in Microsoft technology that are dedicated to delivering successful implementations to our customers and continuing the journey with them through providing support to ensure effective results are achieved.

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ERPNext Services

At LavaLoon we have a strong team experienced in ERP implementations. Our team is able to assess your company’s needs and provide consultation on best solutions and implementations suited for your business and guaranteed to deliver successful results.

Being experts in ERP systems and implementations we chose to work with ERP Next. Being an agile ERP system, utilizing ERP Next enables us to implement ERP to your organization from a business perspective helping you remain competitive.

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Why recommend ERPNext Services over others?

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100% Open Source
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less costly and apps are free
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Higher customer satisfaction

What can we offer you?

Strong ERPNext integration with LavaHub and LavaDo
Strong software and proper implementation services
Adoption training ensuring effective utilization
Automated utilization dashboards

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Unlike many other systems, ERP Next has a successful track record of implementations, especially in the Middle East.
  2. ERPNext does not have closed versions, all features and updates are available for the whole community, which is something almost all other systems do not offer.
  3. It’s easy to upgrade in ERP Next to next versions and with that you get all the updates and new features available automatically and ergonomically.
  1. Cloud provides scalability for the system and is not restricted by your organization’s IT staff and infrastructure capabilities.
  2. Due to the Cloud proving the ability to overcome many challenges of the On Prem systems, all the big players of the technology industry such as Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft are moving aggressively to cloud.
  3. Cloud provides higher performance at a lower cost.
Technical expertise with a business perspective :
  • At LavaLoon we focus on the business aspect as much as we do on the technical. We have a team of experts specialized in the various functions a business might need. For example, when we work on a Finance solution our experts in the Financial sectors manages the project using ERPNext.
  • You definitely know by now we are Integration Experts ! We pride in our great strength in integrating with various systems and services smoothly, and your business will surely need that while implementing and ERP system.
  • We have a mobile app with a native design providing easy, on the go access to your team saving you cost and increasing performance.
Higher Impact, Lower Cost, Less Time :
  • We implement remotely. This save cost and time for your organization; we work with a customer centric focus where our main aim to help you deliver the right function in the shortest time – not to increase our bill !
  • We focus on implementing solid business models through applying best practices and our team’s extensive expertise.
  • We’re selective, we don’t just perform any customizations requested. We have a team of experts who are able to correctly assess cases and are able to identify if a customization is actually needed or is just being recommended to hide a weakness or fill a gap in the operational model or process. This allows to deliver sustainable high impact to our customers while actually saving them cost and time.
  • We work by focusing on standard functionalities. We re-assess and re-evaluate periodically and add anything new and valuable to our roadmap, saving cost to our customers and ensuring that the correct business practices are applied.