Privacy Policy

Your Personal Data and How We Use It :

- LavaLoon as the provider for LavaDo doesn’t save any data of the user except the subscription information.

- LavaHub our middleware passes all the data, location and the master image to the integrated backend system. It doesn’t trace or save identifiable or unidentifiable information except the operational logs which are stored on Azure. The actual data is stored on the backend systems.

- Camera: it has main function for the face recognition and captures the personal image while using the attendance action, as user you completely control that. As for the captured photo will have no existence, just to be verified with the master image which already saved on the backend systems of the user.

- Location has two modes for attendance tracking that user determines the best-fit for his organization:

• Restricted, while the attendance action is taken within the range that saved on the backend system, it becomes automatically verified.

• Flexible, the attendance action is taken and verified from anywhere for the app user.

Contact Us:

- If you have any questions or suggestions about our Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact us at

- All questions, requests or complaints will be evaluated and responded to by LavaLoon support team in a timely manner.