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Muhammad Haggag is LavaLoon’s Solution Architect and Co-Founder. Muhammad has over 15 years of experience in the Technology sector within Egypt and the USA.

When it comes to technology, Muhammed is considered a wizard! He not only mastered programming while still being a student, but he taught it to others! He was awarded the Microsoft MVP for those under 20, where he started his programming experience while he was still a university student through Graphics Programming for Games for 3 years.
Muhammad graduated from Computer and Systems Engineering, Ain Shams University in 2006, after which he joined Identix as a Software Developer. During his tenure with Identix, Muhammad worked on developing the modeling tool for Face Recognition used by the company.

After Microsoft, Muhammed joined FekraSoft and MotoSoft as a Developer. Some of Muhammed’s success stories are working on fixing bugs and adding features to Office Suite, as well as localizing Everpad (an Opensource Linux client of Evernote) to the Arabic Language.